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Nutrition Farms Africa Channel is a collaboration between the Isted Family and TV producer Jay Marais.


The idea behind this channel is to show the successes and difficulties farming up in the Drakensberg mountains of South Africa.

The Isteds are generational farmers residing in the Lady Grey district.

Dick Isted headed up the Organic Assosiation of South Africa and won awards from the Grassland Society of South Africa. The Isteds were at the forefront of providing Organic Beef and wheat to a large retailer in S.A. years back.


The Clips we have filmed show what the Isteds have learnt over the years when it comes to farming with the environment, something Dick feels strongly about.


We have also included specialists who have given some valuable input while up here in the mountains.


The exciting yet challenging process of farming and tending the land as well as the introduction of eco-tourism in the form of Lammergeier Highlands Reserve is part of the vision of the Isted Family.

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